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With over 20 solo albums, dozens of guest appearances,  and multiple collaboration projects, playing with the likes of Glenn Hughes, Eric Gales, Rob Wasserman, Black Oak Arkansas, Darrell Mansfield, etc. Craig Erickson's earned his place on stage with some of the best blues and rock acts in history. Playing shows on  9  European tours, and major venues in the US including featured performances at NAMM in Anaheim, California. Craig Erickson formed Sky Train to kick off a new and exciting but still a familiar-sounding chapter in his long diverse music career... Listen to the current and back catalog over on Sights & Sounds. To learn more visit the Bio Page.



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2. NEW CD "Dream Tracks" soon to be released June 28th: An instrumental guitar adventure with orchestral ambient cinematic elements. Rock, funk, jazz classical and blues  all meet in this ambitious melodic inspiring collection.

Comparable to Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, and Joe Satriani.

 It will be finished by 2024 with a two-night release celebration concert at Opus Theatre in Cedar Rapids!


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Tour Info
Craig Erickson's Sky Train is Currently booking festival dates for 2024. Keep an eye out for blues and music festivals when the blues train rolls into your area. To get show updates to sign up here the Sky Train tour up-dates to be notified as soon as shows are announced.
Booking Info
Craig Erickson's Sky Train is available for blues and rock festivals, headliner and support act shows. The band can also be booked for private and corporate events. Make an offer to book Craig Erickson's Sky Train download the EPK here and contact them by email at
Music Licensing & Media
Craig Erickson's music is available for licensing, TV, movies, media, and marketing. His music has been used in Chicago Fire, Justified, Chicago Code, and multiple other shows and movies. To learn more email or at Fervor Records

Craig Erickson & Sky - Train are currently booking for their 2023 tour. To learn more about booking, please visit our EPK or contact page to call or email an offer for booking. Follow us on Facebook or here for the latest tour dates.


With Solo releases now in the double digits, multiple quest appearances and as a member of several bands, Craig Erickson has put together a catalog that has reached ears of music fans all over the globe. Find downloads or order physical copies from Craig Erickson's current and back catalog.

Electronic Press Kit for Band tours

From the blues festival stages in the states, to packed clubs in France, Craig Erickson's has been pleasing fans worldwide for over 30 years and with his new band, Sky Train, this locomotive is not slowing down. Download the EPK and contact the band now to book for 2022 and beyond. 


Craig Erickson's Sky Train is currently booking for the 2024 Festival Season and is available for both public and private performances. To book the band you can either send an email offer on our the contact form or send an email with offer to Full Steam Ahead.


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This is my 16th commercially released solo album and one of the most involved music projects I have recorded. I started writing songs for a new album, in my Midwest studio, just as the worldwide pandemic began in 2020.

I sent a couple of songs to legendary producer Mike Varney. He heard the potential and began
offering some advice and inspiration for the project. I previously recorded several records for Mike’s Shrapnel Records label. He had hooked me up with some of the best musicians in the world beginning in the 90s including the likes of Glenn Hughes and the "Badlands" rhythm section. We initially discussed traveling to a studio near him and working with some musicians to record the album. Those plans changed as the ongoing COVID situation continued to spread rapidly. So I decided to play all the instruments just as I have on several previous records. I continued to write a lot of songs that reflected what was going on in the world, as well as my personal life. It became almost a concept album type of theme of how weird the world was becoming… "Modern Blues" but with love and hope shining behind the clouds and through the tunnel.

Fortunately, I had the downtime to listen to the music that originally inspired me. I dug deep into my melting pot of influences including Hendrix, Robin Trower, Allman Bros., Frank Marino, ZZ Top, and unexpected flavors like The Who, The Stones, Bowie, Prince, and The Beatles. I even veered into fusion moments with some intense guitar soloing. It was starting to come together but I still needed a great drummer to take it up a notch and tie it all together. I called Jeff Sipe (Jimmy Herring, Susan Tedeschi, Shawn Lane) to add his funky creative groove power to the mix. He had played on my instrumental record "Cosmic Farm" on Shrapnel Records. His contribution improved this project by miles.
Be ready to dance, or just nod your head to the beat while cranking the tunes and cruising down the road! I hope the twelve tracks on "Modern Blues" will take you on a funky, rockin’ journey with interesting stories and exciting musical adventures and move way past heartbreak and into the land of harmony, peace, and love.

- Craig Erickson, January 2023

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